Idli Fiji Indian style (Suji / sooji Idli)

Idli Fiji Indian style (Suji / sooji Idli)


  1. 1 Packet Suji/sooji (500g)
  2. oil 2 tbsp
  3. 1 medium sized Onion finely cubed
  4. Yoghurt 1 litre
  5. Curry leaves 5-8 pcs
  6. Sarso 8-10 pcs
  7. salt
  8. Baking powder 3tbsp


  1. Heat frypan and add suji. Roast this till lightly brown.
  2. Cool the roasted suji and add yoghurt, baking powder, and salt. Mix well.
  3. Heat oil in frypan add finely cubed onion, curry leaves and sarso. Stirr for few seconds.
  4. Cool the fried ingredients and add to the mixture.
  5. Mix all ingredients together well.
  6. Half fill idli cups and steam it


If  you dont have idli maker (idli cups) than you can pour the mixture in a baking tray and steam it.

This Recipe was supplied to me by my cousin sister Mrs Lata from Kulukulu Sigatoka

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