Simple and Easy Tips  to save on the cost of Kitchen Fuel:


  1. Use Pressure Cook instead of pot  where necessary. Because heat does not escape easily. It also takes lesser time for cooking in a Pressure Cooker.
  2. Close the lid while cooking will stopping heat from escaping. Cooking without lid will lead to longer time to reach boiling point and more fuel will be used up.
  3. Have the cooking ingredients ready (example cut the vegetables, pound the garlic) and within reach before you light up the fire for cooking.
  4. Heat Water in an electric jug (drinking water and bathing) instead of pot.
  5. Do not use a large sized stove burner for cooking on a small pot. The pan size should match with stove size.
  6. After finish cooking, turn off the gas cylinder so that no gas can escape and to be safe.
  7. Some people forget that they kept something for cooking/boiling on the stove. At times the item gets overcooked or burnt. They should be alert and not forget that they left food on the stove for cooking. This can save a lot.
  8. Little amount of food should be cooked in a smaller pot than a very large pot. Smaller vessel cooks faster with a lid on.
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