Many times after dinner we discover that there is some rice left. This rice can be served the next day after storing it in refrigerator. This leftover rice can be heated and served the next day but the question is how to heat this leftover rice.


I have seen people putting the rice in a pot and heating on the stove, at times the rice gets burnt while heating it this way. I have also seen that some people add water, boiling it and draining the water. This method is also not perfect because the taste of the rice changes.


The best way best way to heat rice is to steam it.

  1. Take 2 pots of different sizes (make sure that the smaller one easily fits inside the bigger pot)
  2. Put the leftover rice in the smaller pot.
  3. Pour 1 cups of water in the bigger pot.
  4. Put the smaller pot inside the bigger pot.
  5. Steam this on the stove for a few minutes.


Before storing the rice in the refrigerator, I usually separate the grains. This helps to steam easily.

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