Traditionally ghee is made from yoghurt and is used in countless Indian dishes especially Indian Sweets.

Steps to the traditional Method of making Ghee also known as Makhan.

  1. Cows areĀ  milked and the milk is boiled well.
  2. The milk is left to settle and form into Yoghurt.
  3. This yoghurt is stored in a cool place till it is sour.
  4. This yoghurt is poured in a big bucket or matka and churned/spinned with a wooden mathni for 20 to 30 minutes. (This churner is made from bamboo wood and it is tied to a fixed post).
  5. Water is poured in the bucket to make the makhan part to float above the other liquid. Usually cold water is poured.
  6. Makhan is collected with hand.
  7. Makhan is usually rinsed and than boiled on very low flame. White scum will appear on top and white solid will form at the bottom while simmering. This white particles should turn light brown and sweet aroma will come when it is cooked. If the makhan is overcooked, than it will not taste nice.
  8. Take this off the heat and let it cool.
  9. Use a clean and dry strainer to strain the ghee in a clean and dry airtight bottle or container.
  10. This ghee can be used for frying and cooking. It tastes much better than other oils and is much healthier.


Keep stirring while cooking.

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