1. Dalo 4 kg
  2. Water
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Sugar 2tbsp


  1. Peel Dalo and wash it clean.
  2. Cut it into cubes of approximately 2 inches.
  3. Put it in a large pot and pour water. All dalo should be under water.
  4. Add sugar and salt.
  5. Put it over the water and cook till tender.


  1. Salt and sugar prevents the dalo to be itchy on the tongue.
  2. You can know that the dalo is cooked by taking out a piece and breaking off a chunk from that piece with a fork. If it breaks off easily then its boiled and if its not tender, then its not fully cooked.
  3. If the dalo is not boiled fully, than you can have itchy tongue and neck after you eat it.
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